post-title CMNF Fetish – All About It

CMNF Fetish – All About It

CMNF Fetish – All About It

CMNF Fetish – All About It

There are many fetishes in the world and CMNF is also one of those kinks that is not every couple’s cup of tea. Only adventurous and enthusiastic couples who like to try out new things and explore new horizons to make their sex interesting do it. If you are also one of those couples, then CMNF would be something great for you to try out next time when you are planning to make love with your partner. Not only couples try it out but if you are a single man with no responsibilities on your head, you can always hire an erotic sex companion to fulfill your fetish dreams. If you don’t know what CMNF is, it is an abbreviation for ‘Clothed Male and Naked Female’. This is one of the most unique kink and one should definitely try it out. There are many views on this, but two main views see it as a result of male domination and a few sees it as female domination. We will surely talk about it. But in the meant time just imagine yourself fulfilling this kink.

A fantasy of CMNF

You are all suited, just like James Bond. A man in black. While your escort girl is standing in front of you, fully naked. Only latex or leather stocking are on her body. Won’t your little one want to explode from your pants? It will surely. However, your private whore brings a bottle of wine and sits on your lap. As she pours that red wine, you are rubbing your hand all over her petite body. And just noticing, how smooth and sensual your Stuttgart callgirl is. Then she gives you a glass of winner erotically and as you sip, she gets down on you. Now not only you are enjoying getting tipsy, but you are also enjoying a hot blowjob as well. Once you finish up your glass, you hold your escort and you start your action. Just imagining yourself makes you horny, how would the actual experience be. Well, if you are not one of those who want to be dominant, you can always be a submissive slave to your naked goddess. This kink not only allows you to explore new things about yourself and your partner but it also gives you the best orgasm as when one feels what one wants, they get excited and this excitement is turned into great orgasm. Yes, it is similar to a roleplay game, but it is not exactly like a roleplay. In roleplays you disguise as someone else, but here there is you and your partner just being what you want. Be it submission or be it dominance, there are great horizons to explore.

CMNF gives power to the patriarchy

As mentioned above we talked that there are different views on this CMNF kink. Well, one of the views that suggests ‘Clothed Male and Naked Female’ is all about man’s dominance and female submission. Because, during this play, the female doesn’t have a single piece of clothing to cover her body, while a man only takes out his dick. It makes a few people feel like, the clothed person only cares about oneself and the slave must give all the pleasure to the man that he desires. Moreover, as the man is dressed, he can’t be touched but he has all the power to do whatever he wants with his girl. He can touch her big boobs, spank her ass, and make her his bondage sex slave or anything else. In old times, prisoners were asked to get naked in front of the police so that they can check them without a doubt, and one of the reasons it was done was to humiliate them. So in short, basically a few people think this play as the game for humiliation and regards it as one of the kinkiest play of BDSM. So, if you are one of those guys, who loves to be a dominant daddy, then we think this fetish is the new kink in the market that you must surely try out with one of our Stuttgart escorts.

Nakedness and sexy figure is a description of a sex goddess

However, we also said that some female views this very same clothed male and naked female play as an empowerment of female domination. According to their explanation, when women are naked they feel like the queens, it makes a statement that they are very confident about their curvy body and can show it off too. While a clothed male is a slave and would do what his naked goddess wants him to do. They see clothes on men body as a sign of submission because they feel they are already bonded by clothe so they don’t need handcuffs to make them feel submissive. As it gets very difficult for a man to be comfortable in his tight pants with a boner. And a few females who are opting for this play don’t allow men to show their tool until they desire. So, men don’t have any power, all they do is dance on what the nude sex goddess orders.

How to try it out?

Once we have talked about both opinions it is time that how you should try it out and with whom. Well, first choice must be a submissive young escort girl. As there are many girlfriends and wives who don’t approve of these kinks, you can hire our kinky ladies from our 24/7 escort agency Stuttgart whenever you feel like it. After all it is way better then infidelity.

Before ending this post, we want to tell you guys that no matter what you do but the real fun is to bring some creativity in already present things. Like changing a sex position and doing it may not be comfortable at first but until you try it out, how would you know what else gives you pleasure. Whatever option from the mentioned above opinions you support, do give it a try. Moreover, this post has also given you a clear understanding that CMNF is not very common and also it is not for everyone but a few adventurous souls. Well, we look forward to your reviews, how you felt when you happened to give this special fetish game a try.