post-title Male Masturbation – Side Effects and Benefits

Male Masturbation – Side Effects and Benefits

Male Masturbation – Side Effects and Benefits

Male Masturbation – Side Effects and Benefits

Have a lot of acne due to your hormonal change? Or are you losing your baby fat and people are commenting that all this is happening because you masturbate often. Well, we have heard many myths and superstitions, but are they actually true. What are the side effects of masturbation and if it has side effects, then what could be the advantages for you? That you can use it against your friend who is making fun of you. Whether or not you have these questions in your head, it is always better to know wat you are doing and what will be its outcome. According to many researches, around seventy four percent adolescent guys aged around 14 to 17 masturbates and sixty three percent of adult males masturbate. Researches shows that almost every other male is masturbating around 21 days a month. Well, what are they gaining and losing from this every day. Today, we will take a look at what are the side effects and benefits of male masturbation. Before we move on, just know that masturbation is a norm and you aren’t doing anything wrong. Giving pleasure to yourself is not a sin. Moving forward, let’s get to the point.

Before talking about the mere health benefits of male masturbation, let’s see, what its disadvantages are. And being honest, we can give the answer in one line. The answer is there are none side effects of male masturbation. However, there are a few things that you have to consider.

Masturbatoholic is not good at all

Stop masturbating like you light your cigarettes every other hour. Addiction to anything is wrong. It not only snatches your charisma, but nonetheless it starts effecting your productivity. Many men who masturbate get addicted. And the results are as follows; Lack of happiness, fights in relationship, missing out on work and at school. In short, disturbing your whole cycle and routine. Ejaculation, may not have any health related side effects, but it can obviously get on your head like any other drug or alcohol. If you think you have this problem and you are missing out on casual fun that you use to have before this habit, then see your doctor or a counselor and talk to them. Whenever you feel like masturbating invest that time into something productive. And you will surly see the difference.

Masturbation causes guilt

There are many men who goes on a guilt trip whenever they masturbate. It can be due to any reason. For example, social religious and etc. However, you have to know one thing and that is, masturbation is a natural process and if it was a sin then you would never have felt any biological need to satisfy your boner. So, if you are one of those who finds oneself guilty for doing it, then just know you don’t have to be shameful or disgusted about it. When you take up these small things in your head, you will surely miss out on the actual fun and due to this, there will a moment when you will stop enjoying it too. Being on the extreme side is worst be it either side. People don’t understand one thing, that if you can upgrade and can do something, then do it, but don’t get too much into it that it become a matter of stress for your existence.

Well, discussed above were the only side effects that we found, however, now let’s have a look on what you gain if you do regular masturbation?

Rubbing your dick lowers you chances for prostate cancer

First things, first. One main health benefit of masturbating is that there are lesser chances of getting a prostate cancer. A study found out that males who masturbates almost every day or at least twenty one time a month have lesser chances of getting prostate cancer. However, doctors have failed to give its reasoning. But it is a pure fact that stop cancer from approaching you. We always use a saying, precaution is better than cure, who knew that precaution from prostate cancer would be this sweet. Almost every men can save themselves. In short, masturbation a day keeps prostate cancer away.

Be happy for the rest of the day

When men wake up, they can’t go off the bed or lift their quilt down if someone is in their room. Because the little soldier is hard as rock. Well, when you wake up, there is the most amount of testosterones in men. Which is why, morning is one of the best time to have sex. So if you are single or your female partner is away, then a good rub will not do anything bad. In fact, it will boost up your mood for the rest of the day. It will release stress and the serotonin; hormone for elevated happiness will make you feel happier during the whole day. Not only this but you will also happen to have better sex. As masturbation is all about knowing your body more. If you know what points of your body gives you sensations, then you can easily tell those points to your girlfriend or escort woman and both of you can enjoy a good orgasm. Moreover, if you masturbate before sleep, you won’t have to take sleeping pills anymore. Because studies have shown that ejaculating before bed, enhances sleep quality. So be fresh the next day and make your best day.

Before concluding this post, all we want to tell you is, there is no harm in masturbating, but just be careful that you don’t get addicted to it. This addiction won’t only cost you with your daily routine but it will also affect your relationships. If this habit can save you up from many health diseases, then just know, doing it more will cause you psychological trouble. So keep the balance and enjoy your life. If you also know any advantages or disadvantages about male masturbation or have any questions, feel free to comment and lets us know what you think.