post-title The 5 Worst Flirting Mistakes You Can Make

The 5 Worst Flirting Mistakes You Can Make

The 5 Worst Flirting Mistakes You Can Make

The 5 Worst Flirting Mistakes You Can Make

Everyone flirts and it is okay. However, a few make really dumb mistakes that closes their doors for a good casual date. Before we tell you what those stupid mistakes are, let us tell you, when you are flirting with someone, what are the key points to focus on. Well, flirting needs experience and many people lack in it. Often nervousness pulls men down and even though their crush is in front of them but they can’t gather confidence to go up to them and talk to the pretty girls. So for starters, be confident. Keep in mind that the person next to you will always appreciate a confident and poised one. So be sure that when you are in front of your dream girl, instead of avoiding her, try to make an eye contact. Once you get caught creating an eye contact, keep your eyes on her for a second and then take it off after posing a flirtious smile. After this is done, the reaction of the lady will tell you whether she is interested or not. If you get a hint that she is interested, then you can go onto a next step.

Look at the girl when she is alone or if she is surrounded by people, know it when she is not interested in their conversation and is constantly giving you looks. Now, your confidence will either make it or break it. Go up to that special girl and start a conversation. Be causal and funny, that’s all. And don’t stress on if your crush doesn’t seem to show you interest.

Well, people who are new in flirting make some really dumb mistakes. And these mistake closes their chances to be with the person. Be with us to know what those stupid mistakes are and how you can avoid them in order to flirt with your escort. We have many pointers to discuss, but we will discuss five main blunders that can make your flirting go wrong. And the list is here.

Five unforgivable mistake people do when they are flirting:

Being over-confident instead of confident

An over confident person is always a turn off. The erotic ladies will tend to believe that you think of yourself too much and that may drive away your chance. Even though you are just being yourself, still you need to remember that actions speaks louder than words. So, if you see a nice and cute girl at the bar, you give her a look but she avoids it, then stop there right away, you don’t have to go further. Because your overly flirty behavior can lead to be charged for sexual harassment or a humiliating experience to be left alone. And surely you don’t want any of them hanging on your head.

Hitting on someone with a date

One thing that usually guys do is they don’t see whether the girl next to them is committed or not. All they see is that if the appearance of the girl is giving them boner, they go and start flirting with her. If you know or get a hint that someone is already taken, you don’t have to go to her nor have you to give looks at her, because it is unethical and obviously inappropriate. However, if you don’t stop, you may be humiliated by her partner and surely, you don’t want to be ashamed in front of everyone.

Office romance is prohibited

It is always said that two co-workers should never get into relationship. If you start flirting at work it may cost you to lose your job. And in the worst case scenario, if you are caught flirting with your boss, all your hard work will go down the drain and whatever success or raise you’ve got for working hard, can be turned as a favor. And surely no one likes that their work is ignored and every success in the company you get is seen as a favor. So avoid flirting at office in order to keep your respect and if someone you are trying to flirt with isn’t interested, you may be charged for harassment at work and a humiliating termination.

Only assholes play with emotions

If you are flirting with someone you are not interested in, then keep it light-hearted. Don’t give an impression to someone that they can be with you or there is any window open. Just imagine if the same thing happens with you, how you would feel. Obviously it is a humiliating and worst thing to have this feeling. So respect others feelings as well. Don’t just be too much of yourself.

Keep it light

When you are meeting a new person and you flirt with her, just know you are just trying to pick a conversation so that you can calculate whether you want to be with a person or want to ask for an erotic date or etc. You are not going to propose her for marriage, so be light and talk about some regular stuff. Don’t directly hit the deep oceans. If the woman likes you and you happen to go into relationship, then you will have plenty of time to dive into deepest oceans, but it is surely not the right time at the start.

Before concluding this post, we want to tell you that now you know what you were doing wrong and where do you need to improve yourself. There is always a chance for improvement. If you don’t make these blunders, and if you fail, then just know that the person you are flirting with is not meant to be with you. Accept that fact happily and move on with life. Just know there is someone for everyone and you will surely find your correct match soon. Don’t be disheartened. As there is a saying, if you are still single, then just know that someone is praying to meet you. Someone who is actually meant to be with you. In short, enjoy your life and flirt in a healthy way. Please don’t be a creep and avoid these mistakes to get yourself a date.